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1. Articles, notes and communications meant for publication in this Journal should have a bearing on the theory and/or application of productivity enhancing and regulatory techniques.

2. Contributions to IAPQR Transactions are expected to contain non-trivial applications of quantitative methods which enhance the substantive content of the contribution.

3. A soft copy of the complete paper in Word file should be submitted to the Editor by e-mail at : with a copy to as an attachment using Microsoft Word (equation ver. 3.0).

Papers should be typed in double space (on A4 size paper) with 1 margin at the top, sides and bottom. Formulae should be numbered consecutively section-wise, with numbers in parentheses on the right-hand side of the expression (like 3.2)
Each submission should have an abstract in about 50 words at the beginning. A few key words are to be given at the end of the abstract.
The first page should only contain the title of the paper, the name(s) of the author(s) along with their affiliations (no designations), and the abstract only. The second page should start with the Introduction

Only references cited in the text should be given under REFERENCES in the following style :

1. Saaty, T.L. (1961) : Elements of Queueing Theory with Applications. McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc.
2. Nahmias, S. and Wang, S.S. (1979) : A heuristic lot size reorder point model for decaying inventories, Mgmt. Sc., 25(1), 90-97.
[Abbreviations of the names of Journals should be those which are accepted internationally.]
4. Unless otherwise indicated, the submission of a manuscript will be taken to imply that the material has not been copyrighted, published or submitted for publication elsewhere.
5. E-mail ID of the corresponding author is to be given at the bottom of the first page of the typescript.
6. The corresponding author of a paper published in the Journal will get one complimentary issue of the journal in which the paper appeared.

Membership is open to individuals/institutions who subscribe to the ideals and objectives of the Association.

Subscription Rate Per Volume:

In India (Rs.) Foreign (US $)
500.00 Per Volume 100 Per Volume

Contact the Office of India Association for Productivity, Quality and Reliability in case you have any problems regarding Membership or Publications matter.

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